Death Penalty

Personal Panopticons by Jeff Hunt

"...Again, the specific matter of guilt or innocence is – or should be, in an optimal, rosy-hued world – a matter for the courts. But as incendiary epithets like “cop killer” are lobbed rather than dispassionate verdicts, the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal merits close and objective consideration. This nation’s ethical posture and moral equity continue to sag and devaluate beneath the weight of Guantanamo Bay, the dodging of the Geneva Convention, state-sanctioned disregard for habeas corpus, and general, blithe indifference as breathing human beings are whisked away and deposited in concrete sarcophaguses in Florence, Colorado. While we shuffle collectively through the corridors of our own, digitized Panopticons, poking obliviously at our iPhones in slow-zombie mode, it’s worth stopping for a moment of lucidity. ...."

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